Municipal Services

Formal Complaints

The Municipality of East Ferris has adopted a Complaint & Service Request Handling Policy.  Prior to the submission of a Formal Complaint, it is advised that the complainant reviews the Policy

This policy does not apply to or does not address:

  • A decision by Council or a Board/Committee
  • Complaints about Members of Council or a Board/Committee
  • Internal employee complaints
  • Compliments 
  • Inquiries or requests for information
  • Issues addressed by an existing municipal by-law, policy, or procedure
  • Issues addressed by legislation that have statutory review and appeal processes including but not limited to: Freedom of Information Requests; land use planning; by-law notices; orders; appeals; and matters that are handled by tribunals, courts of law, quasi-judicial boards, etc.
  • Criticisms or anonymous complaints
  • Outside boards and agencies 
  • Requests to change a by-law
  • Suggestions
  • Civil matters (e.g. disputes between neighbours)

It is encouraged that individuals and municipal staff work to resolve issues or concerns before they become formal complaints. Informal complaints may be made in person, by phone, letter, email, or fax.  Whenever possible, complainants are encouraged to work with staff at the first point of contact to have issues addressed.

File a Formal Complaint

To file a Request for Service, please visit: