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East Ferris Zoning By-Law Documents

By-Law 2021-60 (Comprehensive Zoning By-Law)
Special Zones
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Schedule A5

Interactive Zoning Map & FAQs

The following interactive map allows you to look at zoning on a property by property basis as well as view aerial imagery and Official Plan related information for the municipality:

 * East Ferris Zoning Map *

Disclaimer: The Municipality of East Ferris makes every effort to keep this information as up to date as possible but in some instances there may be discrepancies between the information posted here and the official copy at the municipal office. You may wish to verify zoning information before making any decisions based on the information contained within the Zoning Map. In some cases zoning by-law amendments may be in progress or approved but not yet updated to the mapping.

What is Zoning:
Zoning is the process of separating the municipality into different classifications that control what land may be used for. Generally land will be zoned Rural, Residential, Commercial, or Industrial and there will be variations to the zoning within the broad categories. The variations will determine the range of uses that are permitted and the standards that are required to be met (setbacks from property lines, etc.)

What if my property zoning does not permit my desired use:
In some cases it is possible to change the zoning of a property to allow for a different use. If you are seeking to change the zoning of your property an application for a Zoning By-law Amendment will be required. These applications can be found here.

Please contact Greg Kirton, Director of Community Services, for pre-consultation on Zoning By-law Amendment applications or for further questions.