Municipal Services

Entrance Permits

Entrance Permits are necessary when you are building a new home and/or creating a new access to your property.  The entrance permit typically triggers the need for a civic address sign as well.  These permits are necessary to determine safe entry and require a site visit from our Municipal Engineer to evaluate site lines. 

If the request is in conjunction with the construction of a new home or major renovation on a paved municipal road, there is a $1,500.00 deposit required in addition to the permit fee. This control mechanism is in place so that the Municipality can monitor the condition of its road network during construction. As there is potential for over 300 large truck deliveries per new home, the new home owner is responsible for damage to the municipal road. This system will hopefully slow truck drivers down and ensure they are taking the proper turns when entering and exiting a property.  

The Permit Form can be downloaded and submitted to the Municipal Office. The property owner is to stake where they would like the entrance located. The requested location will then be reviewed by the Municipal Engineer who will confirm site lines and measure for a civic address, if required.  The same form is used to request a civic address sign. After inspection by the Municipal Engineer, the Building and Fire Departments will be notified of the new address.