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Appear Before Council/Committee

Council deals with a wide variety of issues. Generally the business of the Municipality is dealt with at one of the Standing Committees. At the Committee level, staff reports, community issues and concerns are presented for consideration. 

Council is Chaired by the Mayor. When matters are considered and debated at one of the Standing Committees, recommendations are forwarded to Council for consideration. At Council the recommendations are either amended, adopted, defeated or returned to Committee. Typically, delegations who have appeared before Committee would only register to appear before Council if they have new information to offer on the issue previously dealt with by the Committee. 

Contact the Municipal Office and speak to the appropriate department to determine if your concerns can be addressed within the Department's ongoing service plan. 

If you are unable to resolve your issue or concern with staff, contact your Councillors and discuss your concerns directly with him or her. You may find that your Councillors are already working to resolve the matter or can provide support and assistance. 

Your next step may require an appearance before one of the Committees. Members of the public who wish to make presentations on their own behalf or on behalf of companies and organizations are called delegations. At the Committee you will have an opportunity to present your concerns along with your action for the Committee's consideration. Contact the Municipal Clerk's office at 705-752-2740 and they will help you to determine which Committee meeting you will need to attend. You may register as a delegation in writing, by fax at 705-752-2452 or by email to 

If your issue is a matter currently on the agenda for a Committee, you can register as a delegation for the committee meeting. However, if your item is not directly related to an item listed in the current agenda for the Committee, you will need to provide the Clerk's office with a letter detailing your concerns and the actions you would like the Committee to approve. The Clerk's staff will place that item on the next appropriate committee agenda and inform you of the date, time and location of the meeting. 

Persons who are allowed to address Council, a Local Board or Committee shall be limited to a 10 minute presentation. The Clerk will time each delegation, and advise the Chair when the 10 minute time limit is up. 

If you appear before Committee and/or Council, the Clerk's department will send correspondence to you advising of Council's decision. Call the Clerk's Department at 705-752-2740 if you need further clarification.